Mañana Mañana


Mañana Mañana Festival is three days of laying back in a fairylike setting by a pond. This gem of a festival takes place in the rural Achterhoek in a secret spot on a country estate in the woods with young rockers, old hippies, fierce girls, handsome chaps, young families and locals who are having an increasingly hard time of keeping ‘their party’ a secret.


Since its first edition in 2013 the festival is known for its mellow atmosphere amongst visitors and for everybody seriously letting loose. Festivalgoers, camping out and chilling out, spread a unique vibe over the place. Jamming, dancing, drinking, bonfires and going on until the wee hours on the hush-hush after party…


At Mañana Mañana you will discover punk rockers in the woods, DJs in a little chapel and theatre in a tipi. In 2015 punk legend Mike Watt, who played with Iggy Pop & the Stooges, put on an appearance. Maask was here too. With only his voice, his mike, and a loop pedal he brought the crowd to its feet. A moment later it was the well-known Dutch symphony orchestra’s turn, which darted their wonderful tones through the roof of leaves.


At Mañana Mañana you can have a drink and enjoy the summer grooves, get to hear new, amazing music, taste some very good (mostly organic) food, all at the prettiest spot in the Achterhoek.


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